ESCO ( Energy Saving Consulting ) Division

Not only global environmental resources but also administrative resources are indispensable.
What have we learned by going through Environment ISO and eco-friendly activities? It goes without saying that global environment preservation is our long run goal and the fruits are that we shared the Japanese mind of virtue “Mottainai“(reduction of waste ).

As an enterprise in 21st centuries, we all should take action for environmental improvement contributing for global ecology. That is also synchronized with ISO14001 requirements of environmental target and activities. Not a vague and obscure target but a numerical and precise target should be shown in our support. By utilizing the practical tools (hardware and software) you can achieve the reduction target and it will also contribute to Eco-Activity such as “Challenge 25 Campaign “ Sevenstars. shall offer the best and synthetic support to your company.

Energy Saving Proposal such as Water saving , Power saving and Labor saving.

A customer would say “There could be many ways in energy savings, but initial cost of Esco is very expensive.” “ To verify the effectiveness is beyond the company’s comprehension.” and so on. Sevenstars will show you the most desirable and practical methods not as an eco-products salesman but as an ESCO consultant. For example, in water saving consulting we do demonstrate how the proposal method works in a certain period to verify the effectiveness of water saving numerically. Consequently customers could forecast the results and choose the best solution in advance.



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