Management System Service

Not a DRILL but a COMBAT management is essential to establish a company foundation.
In TS16949 (Auto-mobile Quality Management) which is a sector standard of ISO9001 statistical analysis method is called “Core-tools”. TQM (Total Quality Management) and SIX SIGMA which are based on statistical analysis could be called “Core-Frame” that means of operational system for “Core-tools”. ISO which is reinforced with the “Core-frame” and equipped with a combat armor could exercize? 100% capability as management systems. Sevenstars would support not a drill-like management aiming at an acquisition of certification but a combat management in which ISO is opened the fully throttle.

Dr.Ishikawa taught us a thought-provoking word “MMK “( Moukatte Moukatte Komaru ) that stands for “ TQC should be enough profitable and lucrative.” in Japanese. “Now that a company wrestle with a TQC it must aim at the attainment of MMK or it would not be worth trying. “ Dr. Ishikawa emphasized. Not as a pie in the sky but a real motivation MMK comes first for commercial enterprise that have spent a ton of time and money for introducing those management systems. Knowing it is a everlasting truth but in your company could it be carried out by introducing present ISO or other management methods? “ Cost too much is not worth maintaining.” “ ISO is something against sound management.” These misplacing their priorities reputation is allowed and a flight from the ISO is now accelerating in a way. In Japanese manufacturing fields there is a supreme manufacturing and processing technology called “masterworks”. To utilize these excellent skills combining with synchronized management technique management systems composing a basis of administration is indispensable.

Now it is time to wrestle in a body with management innovation concentrating the entire company and reviewing the Japanese management technique lasting for a long terms. Not just for ISO but also these practical management methods such as productivity improvement of bottom-up activity in field work, QC circle activity, utilizing statistical analysis methods as QC seven tools, quality functional development, practical operation of achievement Quality and Environmental targets activities and efficiency improvement in field operation such as 5S should be fully utilized to back up the company management and it is an target of our management services. From now on Sevenstars shall offer companies all over the world our consulting services actively.



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